I am a...

Passionate Programmer

I'm working as a fulltime developer at Sails IT. Besides work I also love to program for fun. I have a bunch of hobby projects on my GitHub, and even more ideas for cool, fun or interesting projects which I plan to do some day.

Fanatic Gamer

In my spare time (when I'm not too busy with a side project) I enjoy playing video games. I play mostly on my (custom-built) pc, but I also have some old consoles lying around. Specifically the old Nintendo consoles, as they have some of the best games ever made. The Nintento 64 is my personal favorite. However, on the other end of the spectrum there is a more futuristic technology which I'm also a big fan of: virtual reality. I'm an early adopter of the HTC Vive, for gaming purposes but of course also to play around with and try to create something for it myself.

Creative Hobbyist

Besides working with digital projects I also love getting my hands dirty and fiddling with electronics. I enjoy working with things like a Raspberry Pi, or more low-level electronics like Arduino. I'm especially a big fan of open-source hardware. Apart form creating stuff from scratch, there are lots of electronic appliances which pose a whole different challenge. If it has screws, I will open it up (and I'll probably still try to if it doesn't). There's always something for me to do, and I always have a bunch of parts and components lying around which I keep telling myself will be put to good use one day.